Welcome to the Calvary Ballard podcast "Well, The Deal Is" where our hosts, Andrew Hirschman, Thomas Bourne, and David Sinclair discuss what the deal is with everything from current events to speeding through the lens of God's word.

Our goal is to see what God's word has to say about the everyday things that you might discuss around the watercooler with you co-workers, at a coffee shop with your friends, or at a BBQ with your neighbors. If you have any feedback, thoughts, questions, or want to learn more drop us a note here


S1 Ep1: Speeding - Does It Work?

In this first episode of the Calvary Ballard, podcast "Well the deal is" hosts Andrew Hirschman, Thomas Bourne, and David Sinclair discuss why they are starting a podcast along with the world of speeding to see if it actually works.

S1 Ep2: Envoirnmentalism

Ever heard a sermon on the Envoirnment? Nethier have we. In this episode we dive into what the deal is with Christianity and Environmentalism. How do the two interact, and what influences how both are perceived. 

S1 Ep3: Denying Selfie

Join David, Andy, and Tommy as they (attempt to) tackle social media and all that it entails. Also in our watercooler segment Andy asks a very important question.

S1 Ep4: Amish IPhone user

In a followup to Episode 3, Tommy, Andy, and David discuss the possible repercussions of being addicted to the internet.

Lee Rosevere — Try Anything Once
Lee Rosevere — New Day
The Avalanches — Because I'm Me

S1 Ep5: Angels Don't Sing

Tommy and David are joined by longtime listener Jonathan Finley to discuss what the deal is with singing. Also, where have we been for the last two months?

Lee Rosevere — Try Anything Once & New Day
Studio Steve Wallace — Level Select (Mega Man 2), Dr. Wiley (Mega Man 2), BASTA!

S2 Ep1: Why do we have kids?

David's wife Elizabeth stops by to discuss why we have kids, whether or not God wants us to have them, and when it might be ok to not have them. Stay tuned at the end for a surprise appearance by Pastor Andy Hirschman!

Lee Rosevere — Try Anything Once
Crystal Skulls — Airport Motels
Cat Stevens — Here Comes My Baby
Coldplay — Brothers and Sisters


S2 Ep2: What's the Deal with the NFL?

Should we, as Christians, watch American Football? Andy, Tommy, and David try to parse through that question.