Giving money to the Lord is something we do out of obedience and as a means of worship. Not only do we believe that this blesses the Lord and is  beneficial to those who give,  it also is what keeps the church running on a practical level. We are continually encouraged by your gifts, and overflow with gratitude.  


The law required ten percent of what we have to be given to the Lord. While we now believe that we are not under the law, but grace, we believe God asked this of His people for a reason. We believe it is the body of Christ's responsibility to give financially as a means of tithe. 


The money given to the church allows us to serve you. Our funds are put towards keeping the building in order, paying our staff, reaching out to our community with events, childcare and more. Every penny given to the church is poured back out to serve Christ, His people, and bring his kingdom into our midst.